Re: corruption wont last forever

Ogee wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 6:37 pm
without nuclear energy society cannot function and will cause civil war/unrest
Well maybe id imagine we would need that kind of power in the future
Renewables probably wont go away in half the places

red sea business competition
if you want to do high end business make sure the sea is blue no sharks
those inventions are still capable just nobody powerful enough to keep the idea going
0 + 0 = 0
Infinite / Infinite = 1
1 way to Heaven & it matters


With water powered energy they cant blame climate change & nuclear

Elon Musk already making electric cars so it can be done for sure just hope trump drains the swamp for further advance in tech :thumbup:
0 + 0 = 0
Infinite / Infinite = 1
1 way to Heaven & it matters


2 hour lecture, something for the weekend, best taken in bite size pieces.

The Negation of the Real | James Lindsay

72,128 views 24 Apr 2023 #NewDiscourses #JamesLindsay #reality

The Secret Religions of the West, Session 1 of 3

If you want to impose a totalitarian system (woke, communism, the great reset, religion, any cult) you have a problem on your hands: reality.

The real is in your way and will eventually veto your project. Far sooner, people who can perceive reality will step in and prevent you from taking society over a cliff.

Therefore, the only way to install a totalitarian system is to negate the real in the minds of those over whom you would rule. This is accomplished by creating an interpretive frame that deliberately causes people to misunderstand reality, sometimes called a "second reality" or "pseudoreality," or even a "hyperreality," which loses all contact with reality through its images and constructions. The totalitarian system "works" and would only work in that false image of reality.

In his first talk at the Mere Simulacrity conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in December 2022, James Lindsay presents the idea and mechanism of negating the real to replace it with a hyperreal simulation in which totalitarianism can be accomplished. This, he argues, enables the installation of the Esoteric cult religion needed to advance the tyranny. Join him to understand how the Secret Religions of the West have slowly brought us to the brink of this disaster.

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