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Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

by: mrtools
Hi Mr. Tools and Coders Respectively, I HAVE FOUND THE HOLY-GRAIL OF INDICATORS THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE ON MT4...(so easily, IMO). What we need is a slope/color change when the strength is increasing or decreasing with added alerts. Guys, I searched for a long time to find indices to work easily a...

Re: Site restored from Tuesday's backup

by: Jimmy
Just a small update, thank you to our dear members and staff who have been helping to restore the site after the database error on Friday night. We have now restored all of our Social Media post links (Daily Downloads) with their respective indicator files and reposted everything on Twitter as you c...

Re: Volatility Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Hi mrtools, Could you please MTF that "relative strength rank smoothed (alerts + arrows)", and arrows on slope change?! Ill attach that .ex4 that you only have posted. SIncerely, Sergei mrtools, In case you missed that, could you please make MTF and arrows on slope for "relative strength rank smoot...