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Re: VQ - Volatility Quality Indicators MT4

by: josi
Added zones,arrows,and lines. Dear MrTools, I love your work and this is a suggestion (and not at all any kind of criticism): If one takes into account how this indicator works (2 lines crossing and recrossing, tendentially going in opposite directions), a signal whenever the lines cross is a) almo...

Re: Bandit Flash Forex Trading System

by: josi
Try this T3_Clean. I really wish I'd understand what the fuss is about: T3 period 13 (light green) vs LWMA period 13 (blue) - try to get real (It reminds me of John Ehlers' efforts in the February 2022 issue of TASC, “An Elegant Oscillator: Inverse Fisher Transform Redux,”: to produce something tha...

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

by: josi
Another version of ZZ Just saying; no offence: This has obviously nothing to do with kvak (who added a button) but as far as terminology goes, this indie is useless: Dow Theory: in an uptrend you have: higher highs (HH) and higher lows (HL) in a downtrend you have: lower lows (LL) and lower highs (...