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FX10 Setup - true non repainting arrow indicator for MT4

Interesting indicator

Useful in all timeframes, even M1 (1 minute), does not repaint nor redraws once the candlestick is closed, it is very good for avoiding premature entries, avoiding catching falling knives, good not perfect, not a complete system,may be used for exits too.

The way I use it is modifying the Parameter Multiplier to 9 or 10 (of course feel free to experiment) and then WAIT until the last arrow has printed before considering an entry, see pic, next bar after last Magenta arrow consider entry long, next bar after last Aqua for shorts...

Very good as an exhaustion signaller, specially after fast and furious moves...See pics for both M1 and Weekly timeframes with the same settings  

I think that the intention of its designers was for it to signal entries at the first arrow (hence the arrows direction), it is composed of several oscillators with a moving average filter, and I have found it is way better at signalling potential exhaustion after last arrow has printed


Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

yuhu wrote: Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:28 am hi K, are the arrows repainting? Thank you'
Here is the code for arrows:

Code: Select all

if (i<Bars-1 && trend[i] != trend[i+1])
 upa[i] = (trend[i] == 1) ? (low[i]-arrowsGapUp*iATR(NULL,0,20,i)) : EMPTY_VALUE;
 dna[i] = (trend[i] ==-1) ? (high[i]+arrowsGapDn*iATR(NULL,0,20,i)) : EMPTY_VALUE;

It means that arrows appear as soon as the trend changes, and the code does not change previous values.

Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

ea trilling on Equity  It is very convenient and useful tool for those who have no time to sit behind the monitor, or if you just want to while getting a certain income, fix it and close all open orders on the account.\


Total_Profit_Start // Amount in USD from which to start trilling on profit

Profit_Percent //% Percentage of Profit for the start of the trilling 

Profit_Rollback //% Percentage rollback to close all orders


If the equity of less than $ 5000 the trilling does not work, and monitors the situation in the long run.

If we gained 1% in excess of $ 5000, ie 5005 $ then sweep into operation and at 0.5% retracement, ie, at 5002.5 will close all positions.

Equity increased if for example, up to 5010 it will close at 5005 .... etc.

trilling works on all positions of the account, not dividing by magic and by currencies. That is, all orders are taken into consideration, for all currency pairs open at the moment.
what we want: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=9 <3
what market delivers: 1+2+8+7-4+0-5+8-4-5+1=9 :problem:

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