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I thought this would be of really good help to anyone who struggles to identify trends or direction.
It is a SuperTrend indi using differing settings that create 'boxes' of prices where there is no perceived trend and when the price is clear of the lines there is almost always a mini trend starting.
The basic strategy is when the price is below the SuperTrend line the direction is down and when the price is above the SuperTrend line the direction is up. Very simple and with the use of these multi settings the trading becomes a lot easier to see when to trade and perhaps even better, when not to trade.
I've attached the indicators and template and those traders who like their own indicators under the chart, they can simply add them to this template.
The fundamental basis of price under and price over the SuperTrend is easy to understand and when it is between the lines it is far more dangerous to your capital to trade during this time of sideways movement.
The BB is an obvious exit but if some clever guy makes an EA out of it then definitely I would have a rolling profit built in.

Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

bilbao wrote: Wed May 24, 2017 9:11 pm Renko chart dashboard indicator for MT4
Disclaimer : found this on

Never work without StopLoss.
By default use approximately 50 pips and then calculate StopLoss more precisely.
Little tricks
95% of time those currencies goes on same direction and predict each other.
About 70% of time London and NY sessions change trend direction – be careful.
Exit and enter points not only indicators set up matter but also time matter.
For Intraday trading we recommend brick size 10 (default).
For Positional trading change brick size to 30 (in your EA inputs).
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Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

ffsss wrote: Wed Jan 24, 2024 2:45 am Green red dots are from this indicator too?
No,it is a secret indicator...Just joking, it is from this indi, I am still playing with settings,
from another forum coder Jeanlouie shared, the quote
"Sounds interesting. On chart ma lines can be replicated with macd.

- indicator shows all or most overbought/oversold indicators, with their own ob/os levels, shows combined signals
- all indicators normalized to 0-100 scale
- Bollinger Bands - price ratio within bands, capped to 0=bottom band 100=top band
- macd, main and signal line, above/below eachother or the mid level 50
- stochastic, main or signal line in ob/os
- rsi, optional ma on rsi, in ob/os
- cci, optional ma on cci, in ob/os
- wpr, optional ma on wpr, in ob/os
- money flow index, optional ma on mfi, in ob/os
- demarker, optional ma on dem, in ob/os
optional arrows on chart
arrows are added per indicator being in it's own ob/os or main/signal bias
default is top/bottom picking ie sell arrows in ob, option to reverse arrows ie buy arrows in ob and show trend style where indicators remain in ob/os area"

If you find interesting usage from it share it please,as i just started using it...All the best
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