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Re: News

Yeah, that famous trickle down economy really worked. Before those few drops left reached the workers they had already evaporated.

Re: WW3 Countdown

Demented Joe: "Putin is losing the war in Iraq". And this guy can freely mess around on this planet instead of being kept in a padded cell. He even wants to go for re-election.......Geez Biden has confused Iraq for Ukraine twice in the last 24 hours

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

No intention to spam the thread. Just showing how to trade along Pullbacks day in day out, hoping that at least a few people will wake up and give it a try, with no need to depend on Indicators.
Plenty of opportunities to make green pips with confidence and low risk.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

I wanted to share my favorite indicator on Trading View Dynamic Linear Regression Channels [ There's something like this available here. You probably know it. It's not bad, but of what I can see on your chart, it would come close to what I actually want to see. Thank...

Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

I have been in forex since 2008/2009. Since Forex TSD was popping. But you never stop learning. Trying new things and building strategies. Many of you might not know me here. But I’ve helped build forums. Trading career is a phase by phase thing. You have been trading pretty much as long as I do. W...

Re: WW3 Countdown

Phuuuh! This was a long reply. I hope you did not expect that I would read that.
I was merely stating the facts. And that the GOP, as the political right wing, is fiercely supporting this war is a fact,
Nobody cares what the voters thiink....till the next election.

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