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Re: MACD indicators MT5

I'm learning how to convert MT4 indicators to MT5 and found this MACD True that looked like a perfect candidate. I added MTF, alerts and arrows. Most of the time the indi loads correctly, but sometimes it does not initialize correctly. If anyone has any suggestions they would greatly appreciated. T...

Looking for an MTF Stochastic Overbought and Oversold indicator

Good evening. I am looking for an MFT stochastic indicator that gives an alert whenever the price exits the overbought and oversold levels. Something that is similar to the indicator I've added to this post. FYI, I searched the forum but cannot seem to find anything in particular and the options are...

Re: What does the Price numbers in indicator settings mean

The first 6 are standard metatrader prices 7 and 8 are these below. double getPrice(int type, int i) { switch (type) { case 7: return((Open[i]+Close[i])/2.0); case 8: return((Open[i]+High[i]+Low[i]+Close[i])/4.0); default : return(iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_SMA,type,i)); } } Thank you a lot!

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