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Re: Quotes , Thoughts & Sayings That Change Your View on Trading

The training of a stock trader is like a medical education. The physician has to spend long years learning anatomy, physiology, materia medica and collateral subjects by the dozen. He learns the theory and then proceeds to devote his life to the practice. He observes and classifies all sorts of pat...

Re: Better later than never

I just keep hoping for a vaccine. I don't see another way out. And then I remember that a vaccine needs extensive testing and rushed vaccines are dodgy. Yup! Got to have patience for a good one. But all I hope is it is worth the patience at the end. Yup it will. Patience is the road to success.

Re: MT4 for USA?

fr8tdrvr wrote:
Thu Jun 11, 2020 6:08 am
I have used mt4 from fxpro for years. My mt4 no longer works. What is the best MT4 download for US based traders?
The good alternative to fxpro is xm, fxtm, fxview. They all support mt4 but they don't accept US clients. You sure you used fxpro as us client?

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