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Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Hi. Is it possible to add Dynamic Zones with Bollinger Bands to the Advanced Step RSI? Like how it is with DZ TDI Averages. Basically I would like the DZ Bollinger Bands feature that is on the DZ TDI Averages added to the Advanced Step RSI. I hope I'm making sense? Thank you. Advanced StepRSI v2.2 ...

Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

Hi MrTools.. is it possible to add arrows and push notification for this indicator? arrow up when candle close above -80 ( alert/push ) arrow down when candle close below -20 (alert/push) and alert/push for crossing over -50 candle close (for exit from either direction ) and if possible, mtf ? thank...

Re: CCI indicators for MT4

hi.. it shows a blank penal when i load the indicator. tried previous version too.. my mt4 build is 1260 Make sure you have dll file enabled and that you have this dll file from here in your mt4 libraries folder. Thank you! it works n...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hello Mladen ,mntiwana and mrtools . value chart - averages 1.2 . From what I know Mladen made this indicator. I use this indicator and I really like it. I use this indicator without any averages just simple value chart but I can tell that this different from other value chart that there is out the...

Re: Swing Line indicator

Jimmy wrote:
Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:31 pm
Here is Mladen's ingeniously coded Swing Line set of indicators fixed for MT4 1090.

Originally created by Ron Black, the Swing Line indicator was originally presented in Ron Black’s article in this issue (“Getting Clear With Short-Term Swings”).
Hi . does this repaint?

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