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Re: Currency Correlation indicators for MT4

Hello mrtools & mladen, Could you please make this version full so we can use any of the 38+ types of averages? Added the averages. Hello mrtools, I've been trying out "Spearman Rank Correlation (averages price filtered).ex4" and changing the average type does not change any calculations. Can you t...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Hello mrtools, any idea why this indicator would not show up in my data window? Very nice indicator, thank you for it. (RSI - (osma) (mtf + alerts + arrows) Been in a habit lately of accidentally hiding the values, this version the values show up in the data window. Thank you mrtools. Happy Holiday...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Hi mrtools We used to consider the line of buy signal as green(s) or blue(s) and the line of sell signal one of red(s), Would you please switch the color of the indicator in the separate window as I said. I know one can changed easily from color-setting but it is better to be default. My regards Tr...

Re: Adaptive Indicators for MT4

Is it possible to turn this into a histogram using the change of slope? Try it out. PS: Full Histogram Bars version (color change is on Slope) available here: Full Histogram Version of CFB Adaptive DMX for MT4 . Hello mrtools, RE: cfb adaptive dmx histo alerts arrows.mq4 This is a great indicator, ...

Re: Step Indicators for MT4

Please read forum rules. No source code REQUESTS. Your logic about ex4 vs mq4 is not valid. I'm trying to do it in Fxdreema and if I put the ex4 I don't get any parameters, I can't backtest or optimize. Excuse my English. I understand. Your English is better then most Americans. You still should no...

Re: Step Indicators for MT4

This is an EA using StepMa of rsi adaptive ema with a low modeling quality it back test pretty good, using default settings except take profit 100 and stop loss 100. Ea has break even option along with trailing stop,time filters, spread filter, etc. It is possible to get the indicator StepMa of rsi...

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

Cladi39 wrote:
Thu Jun 11, 2020 4:23 am
Please Mrtools can you turn off the alarm of this indicator in default? thanks soo much.
Hello Cladi39. Does the Inputs tab "Alerts on true/false?" setting not work? I ask because your request makes it seem like you can't turn the setting to false. I use this indi too and it seems to work.

Re: Chaos Visual Averages Indicators for MT4

mohamedelsiesy wrote:
Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:55 pm
I know there is noway to get the the haos's mql4 version but is there a way to buy it, i know it's priceless masterpiece but i think i could made it more efficient.
There is a rule on this site that members do not ask for source code. Oh, and "... i could made it more efficient", that's cute.

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