Gaarmitaar printing money everyday

This is an educational post made to inspire others. Work hard as i have , and you might succeed as well.

All of these trades are taken on a 100k account. If you want to know the system i use , its called adts and its available on mql5. I am not the dev , nor am i making promotion here for you to buy it.
It works for me and i decided to stick to it, thats all.

Here i will post all my trades with explanations and screenshots , in the hopes that people can learn from them.
I will not share signals , sell mentorship or anything. Im posting this to record my trades and inspire others to better themselves.
And if i am to be honest , its good to succeed and record this sucess after beeing rekt by the market so hard.

This is my road to 'having so much money that its fucking nonsense'
You will see my victories and my failures in a transparent way. I wont post only winning trades. You will see them ALL.
Dont ask me to sell you anything , because the answer is NO.
For those wondering why my nasdaq and daw trades hit often during the night , i trade cfds , not real futures.

Re: Gaarmitaar printing money everyday

at the end of the day yesterday took some more awfull trades, but ended up shorting dax and nasdaq at the right time.
Targets were previous lows and they hit during the night.
Unfortunately pc was turned off so no screenshot for the close.
Good PNL for the first day

Re: Gaarmitaar printing money everyday

This morning no time to sit in front of the screens.
Market was overextended to the downside as asia and eu open were just blindly selling.

opened some longs with large sls and walked away

got this when i came back. another good morning

sadly forgot to add the auto screeshot script :(

Re: Gaarmitaar printing money everyday

This is a reminder for myself and maybe others , as to why you dont enter on big volatility candles
all stops rekt cause someone was exiting the market there.
After that , easy to enter on small volaility and choochoo up from there

Re: Gaarmitaar printing money everyday

entered gbpjpy reversal too early , after that missed the move because concentrated on something else
nasdaq shenanigans almost cleared my stops but good trade
eurusd reversal was a trap and got me three times before i gave up
this afternoon's profit is roughly 2200.

Todays PNL 7523 Euros
probably closed nasdaq longs too early , but need to run and happy with the money

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