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Trading Session Time with Alert

coder: Issam Kassas
released date: May 16, 2023

The Trading Sessions Time Indicator:

The "Trading Sessions Time Indicator" is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to enhance your understanding of different trading sessions in the forex market. This seamlessly integrated indicator provides crucial information about the opening and closing times of major sessions, including Tokyo, London, and New York. With automatic time zone adjustment, it caters to traders globally, helping them optimize their trading schedules for high liquidity periods and avoid low-activity hours. Offering insights into market sentiment, peak volatility periods, and overlapping sessions, the indicator aids intraday traders in making precise decisions aligned with their strategies. Its customizable display allows for a personalized user experience, while smart trading plans incorporating its data can potentially lead to improved trading outcomes. By promoting awareness of low-activity periods, the indicator helps traders avoid overtrading and focus on quality opportunities. Seamlessly compatible with various trading platforms, the "Trading Sessions Time Indicator" is a valuable tool for traders looking to optimize their trading journey.


Optimized Schedule: Informs major session times, and Aligns with high liquidity.
Alerts to phone and email: Alert you when the session starts.
Kill zones: Set up the kill zones while trading ICT style with alerts.
Overlap Analysis: Explores session overlaps and Targets increased activity.
Intraday Precision: Aids intraday decisions and Focuses on strategy-aligned sessions.
Customizable Display: Personalizes preferences and Options for colors and settings.
Smart Trading Plans: Integrates for productivity and Enhances outcomes with planning.
Avoid Overtrading: Raises low-activity awareness and Prioritizes quality over impulsiveness.
Seamless Integration: Integrates easily and quick installation for immediate use and Enhances analysis for an optimized journey.
Global Time Zone Adaptation.
Volatility Awareness.

For MT5 version, please go here:

Re: MT4 Trading Utilities, Chart Tools & Add-ons

Here are my scripts to quickly switch between templates. Place the scripts in your MQL4Directory/Scripts folder. Replace the name of the templates with your own. Then assigned your preferred hotkeys.
Not much but I but I figured it be useful to those who wish to quickly cycle between templates. I use it to switch between my regular setup and the same setup but with a trade manager EA attached.
For some reason, my terminal freezes whenever I try to switch symbols while the EA is attached, using the symbol changer indicator from this forum. So these scripts are my workaround.

ChartRe: MT4 Trading Utilities, Chart Tools & Add-ons

Forexlearner wrote: Wed Jul 19, 2023 1:05 am thanks, i love this EA. I used to trade on a brokers own platform using MT4 just for the charts, i now changed to trading exclusively on MT4 on a new broker. There is an option called slippage on this EA, i read what slippage is but i don't really understand what this option does, either i didn't understood what it is or we shouldn't control it.
Slippage is the amount of points an order, when executed (filled) by the broker, can deviate from the quoted price. Both pending, or instant.
It means that if you set the slippage to 30 points, the broker will attempt to fill the order at the quoted price, but if prices has already moved from the quote (volatile markets),they can fill your order withing the quote price plus or minus the slippage. If they manage to fill it within that, bam you have your order, if they can't fill it (the price has moved from the original quote and your slippage) it is cancelled.

Slippage gets sent with all orders... EA (with ordersend() or an input in the ea setting) or pending and instant with the MT4 setting
This setting in tools->options->[trade] tab, under deviation for this,

When the market is very very volatile your order (instant,pending or (any EA) will likely slip and get or not get filled.

Also if you are on a (very) bad connection, you send the order but the market is moving violently, the broker still wants and has to fill your order so they check the slippage and fill or not fill your order.

I think that's it. I tried to explain, hope it helps


Check out my Intraday Swinging Setup - Updated Q4 2022... viewtopic.php?p=1295496595#p1295496595

Re: MT4 Trading Utilities, Chart Tools & Add-ons

Boobligoom wrote: Thu Jul 04, 2024 4:35 am what EA manager are you using? i used Trade Assistent 9.8 but now it stopped working after updating the terminal. :cry:
Same here. I feel your pain. I'm currently using Trade Shell. It's free on the MQL5 marketplace for both MT4 and MT5. You can use symbol changer indicators with the EA attached on the mt5 platform but not on MT4(whenever I try the chart freezes).

One thing to note on MT5, when you change symbols while the EA is attached, sometimes the trade gets closed. Not sure if it comes from the EA or the symbol changer indicator but it can happen. I wish it allowed you to also change symbols from the EA.

But Trade Shell is still the best free option I've come across. ... ile+Seller

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