Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Sorry... my baby woke up, there was a diaper loader... GO is not, because h1 divergence was not confirmed... M5 would be a small trade with an output of 1.07148
learn to use the indicator first, then trade...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

simon_n3z wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2024 3:10 am Hello Esteemed Devs and Members

Mr.Tools could you see if please you could fix the accurate range for the renko bricks ? The ai says this needs to be done, but that's just a theory lol

Here's a breakdown of how to make the ATR bars on the chart display the accurate range of the ATR range size in the code:

1. Normalize ATR Values:

Before using ATR values for calculations, normalize them to match the point value of the instrument using NormalizeDouble(atrValue * pt, Digits).
This ensures accurate comparison and calculation, as ATR values are in pips while price values are in points.
2. Calculate Box Size Based on ATR:

Use functions like iATR to obtain the ATR value for the desired timeframe and period.
Set the RenkoBoxSize input parameter to a multiple of the normalized ATR value, as each Renko box will represent a multiple of the ATR.
3. Scale High and Low Values:

When determining Renko box formation, scale high and low values based on the normalized ATR using MathFloor(Close/BoxPoints)*BoxPoints.
This ensures that boxes are formed based on ATR multiples and not raw price points.
4. Draw Renko Bars:

Use the FileWriteDouble function to write the high and low values of the Renko boxes to the hst file.
Ensure these values are scaled based on ATR using the BoxPoints variable.
5. Display ATR Value in Comments:

Add a comment to the chart using Comment or a custom function like AddRenkoComment.
Display the current normalized ATR value in pips within this comment.
Additional Considerations:

Adjust for Digits: If the instrument has digits other than 5, adjust normalization accordingly.
Use Consistent Point Value: Maintain a consistent pt variable for correct calculations.
Apply ATR Box Size: Ensure the calculated BoxSize is used for box formation and commenting.
Update Chart Accurately: Trigger chart updates with UpdateChartWindow after writing new bar data.
Example Code Modifications:

Code: Select all

// ... existing code ...

// OnTick function:
      BoxPoints = NormalizeDouble(BoxSize * pt, Digits);  // Normalize ATR-based box size
      // ... rest of OnTick code ...

// AddRenkoComment function:
   text = text + " (" + DoubleToStr(BoxPoints/pt,1) + " pips ATR)\n";  // Display ATR in comments
// ... rest of AddRenkoComment code ...
please, ... it would make this renko complete and perfect lol



Have no idea how to do this!

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

dmnik wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2024 6:11 pm Dear Kvak! Please make the one I ask for, if it's not too much trouble for you. I'm not interested in other indicators. I need this one with the MTF button for my system!
I made new version and posted it HERE

And now you can write us why you prefer this version??

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

alimpe2000 wrote: Fri Apr 12, 2024 6:53 am hello coders .
may add moving average packages and rsi packages to this indicator.
And arrows should be displayed in the multi-time frame mode after closing the candle.
And if possible, add the multi-symbol mode.
And the arrows displayed with cross rsi and moving.
There is many RSIs of this type in our RSI TOPIC

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

hi everyone
i hope you are having a great day
i am looking for an indicator that would draw the range of a for example a wkly candle( MTF version ) with horizontal lines drawn only towards forwards direction with option of adjust color or type/size etc of line options just like properties of an object for example like a horizontal line
also option of how many candles one can select backwards

if this has been made before i dont know

if anyone is willing to share that would be very kind

many thanks and kind regards

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