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Re: Beatle's Trend Trading System

Good Sir Beatle, I'm happy to see that you're using the zee support and resistance. Thank you for answering selah's question. My question to you is, as you are using two instances, did you keep them the same color or are they different. I decided to make mine different so that I can use the htf zee ...

Re: Already Converted TradingView Indicators to MT4 Indicators

Thank you very much, Mr tools! This graph was confusing because it is just a test graph. But as a rule of thumb I use the 2 X MA Psar (candles) with Follow the line or half trend as a secondary confirmation indicator. Also, I really like STC as a primary indicator. The FTL averaged by Jurik default...

Re: MT5 Ehler's indicators

mrtools wrote: Tue Nov 21, 2023 9:07 am Added the smoothing, just for information seemed to me the auto next timeframe wasn't working correctly, so for now doing the mtf a little differently, but seems to work much better.
Thank you. I appreciate your expert work Sir.

Re: MT5 Ehler's indicators

Thanks again MrTools. It's almost perfect. Is there any way to get smoothing added to the mt5 version as it is in the mt4 version. I like the way it shows the entry with the settings in the pic I've attached. The chart is 5mins and the middle ehlers is set to 15 and the bottom is set to 5min. Please...

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