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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

This is from the old TSD forum ; These are a kind of experiment made by Perry Kaufman, and the combination of them is an experiment of mine MAadaptive (rsi) (lime) is using rsi to make it adaptive MAadaptive (r2) (red) is using correlation coefficient to make it adaptive MAadaptive (rsi+r2) is a com...

Re: Coding Help

Hello All

I need help please !

I try to add additional indicators to an existing script that converts the indicator data into csv file .
But when I add two more indicators I get below error message.What do I do wrong?Can anyone help ?


Re: Coding Help

Ogee ,

Thanks for your respond.There are 2 MQL4 folders in my computer. When I load the blabla script I get 2 different script folders.I loaded the blabla script into the both folder then I run the script.But when I check the 2 Files folder, they are both empty.

Re: Coding Help

Dear Mrtools and Everybody, I have several scripts that I have been using them for years without any problem.They simply convert the date values ,OHLC values and indicator values into CSV file. These scripts used to save the CSV files into C/The Broker/MQL4/Files folder .Now when I check MQL4/Files ...

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