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Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

Hi Jago, I know some time passed since you modified this indicator,but I would really appreciate your help if possible. Unfortunately the alert works only on one side,only on the region "PIPSTOHIGH". I was wondering if you could add an alert to the other side as well. I attached a picture...

Re: Already Converted TradingView Indicators to MT4 Indicators

Dear traders/coders do have custom movable Risk Reward Tool indicator for mt4 its name is Trade View Risk Reward Tool. please share if have the same or similiar.! [/url] The best one I've seen until now is that one

Re: Price level – alert manager

Hey thank you for this nice indicator, it is very useful but it has a little issue. If for example I put an alert on the EURUSD chart, and then on the same chart I change the financial instrument (for example AUDJPY), the indicator immediately emits a pop up window related to AUDJPY at the exact sa...

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

This awesome ATR DASHBOARD indicator stopped working years ago because MT4 was updated. Can someone see if it is able to modify, so it may work with the current build 1280 MT4? I've made some adjustments to this dashboard because on HighDPI monitors it looked ugly/distorted. It's also possible now ...

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