Feeling Depressed? Try this

Just eat cheese and drink FRESHLY squeezed orange juice.

hear me out.

First the cheeses, they are full of good bacteria that will populate your intestine. The intestines are the "second brain", its health is very important to psychologic health.

And the orange juice will provide sugar to feed the good bacterias in your intestine.

you should feel results in a matter of minutes, more calm more happy...(try it)


Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

I must add, you need to choose the cheeses carefully

there is a huge difference betwen a swiss cheese aged 24 months and a square shaped hamburger cheese that has been aged 7 days.

which one will have the most benefecial bacterias ?

Also each cheese has a unique set of ferments so each cheese might make you feel different based on the strains used
you need to try one type of cheese and find out how it makes you feel. Not good ? then switch to another cheese, no big deal

my favourite ? camembert from France that I age myself (I just buy new cheese then let me a room temperature for a month, it becomes sublime) :

Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

if you think what I state is phony or non-scientific, know that there are businesses that trade poo.


you go there, they will test your poo, and if it is high quality (enough variety of good bacterias) they will pay you real money to sell it to them.

now they will take a chonically depresssed man (or woman), and will transplant the healthy poo into the intestines of the depressed man.

and it will 100% cure his/her depression...

now THAT'S scientific enough for you ?

Cheese FTW !

Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

Most varieties of cheese, including Stilton, Danish Blue, and aged Cheddar, contain a chemical called tyramine which acts as a dopamine. This causes the release of another chemical (norepinephrine) that increases the amount of time that is spent in deep sleep. Cheese also contains high levels of the relaxant tryptophan, which contributes to a natural high. Moreover, the bacterial and fungal cultures in ripe cheeses produce large amounts of biogenic amines with high psychoactive properties. According to the science summarized by Marcone, really vivid dreams can be induced by consuming a mere 20g just before bedtime. A 2005 study com­missioned by the British Cheese Board revealed that blue veined cheeses such as Stilton can produce particularly powerful and bizarre dreams. My own study conducted with a group of friends provides rich anecdotal data for the effect of Stilton cheese on sleep.

Most food chemistry articles are either turgid academic papers inaccessible to lay readers or the superficial pap that passes as “scientific” writing in the popular press. Again, my friend Massimo has found a way to make food chemistry interesting without compromising good science. We need more of this.

Ronald L. Doering, BA, LL.B., MA, LL.D., is a past president of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
https://gowlingwlg.com/en/insights-reso ... i-to-disa/

Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

I realized something a few days ago.

my diet would consist of mainly pasta that I would pour hot on a plate of grated cheeses

then I wanted to change my diet and eat less pasta to lose weight so I would heat some cheese in the microwave and eat it instead of using it with pasta

but I quickly lost the health benefits (less happy, and less calm, also my skin was less smooth)

until I realized that if you warm the cheese, the beneficial bacterias and vitamins will be killed in the process

when you eat cheese, you need to eat it raw

also prefer cheeses made from raw milk


Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

Major bump up to this thread. I never met a real cheese that I didn't like. My favorites are the moldy ones... and Manchego.🐑

And oh yeah.... I found a use for slice formed processed "cheese food." Each slice is about the same size as a square of shitpaper. You know what to do.🚽
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Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

another food that is amazing for skin, happiness, etc is offals

stuff like "Andouillette" that we have here in Britanny in France.
it's smoked intestines. It really tasty

you can eat it hot or cold which is very handy

Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

another excellent way to get the same anti depressant effect of aged cheeses is to eat raw cream
i've talked about the benefits of raw milk
but if you think about it, raw cream is just concentrated milk
it has maybe even better effects than cheese
but don't warm it too much or you will loose all the good bacterias


High meat

some carnivore dudes are eating fermented meat called High Meat

you probably know of fermented fish called surstromming and its awful smell? well high meat is the same idea
let meat ferment in a jar that you keep in the fridge, and stir it from time to time.

why is it called HIGH meat you may ask ? well because it makes people high.
people who have tried it get HIGH by eating it.

there is such a high concentration of good backterias that it makes you high.

I get high on raw cream recently, more than cheeses, it's so awesome!!

but you gotta be careful when fermenting meat because it can become easily toxic. Follow a recipe would be my advice.
after that you eat it like cheese ! delicious :)


Re: Feeling Depressed? Try this

I feel some people got triggered by me saying : "I get High on raw cream"
first I was merely using the same lingo as the title of the post. I do not "get high" on cream, I eat it and it populates the intestinal region with proper bacterias that are good for my health, thus leading to better state of mind, thus meaning that i'm doing something good for my health

most people who tried raw meat said they "feel high", because most drugs makes you feel that way, like heroin for instance. It doesn't necessarily mean that all products that make you feel good are drugs

Raw cream or fermented stuff is not a drug !
1) you are never dependant from it. I could stop raw cream right away and not have any withdrawal, I would miss it for sure but not crave it...
2) it's not chemical in any way, it's totally natural, it's like taking pro-biotics, but better
3) drugs are not good for your health, but fermented or raw foods are good for you
4) it's almost free, not like any drugs, and it's legal !

feeling like that, not feeling depressed all the time, and feeling happy and calm is the way everybody should feel every day, given the right types of food. It's not that you "feel high", it's that you feel the way you're supposed to feel all the time : calm and happy !!



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