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Re: Ultimate TDI indicators thread for MT4

Jimmy, Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:31 pm

Just updating our thread including some new additions from Mrtools :)

Latest version of the on-chart TDI with all Moving Average Options for MT4 (as posted here):
On Chart TDI indicator for MT4 non-repainting with MTF.png
tdi averages on chart.ex4
(201.69 KiB) Downloaded 844 times

This is a new TDI by Mrtools that alerts when the Red crosses the Yellow MBL (as posted here):
TDI Alerts when Red Crosses Yellow MBL for MT4.png
TDI Red Yellow.ex4
(53.41 KiB) Downloaded 576 times

Our Floating TDI which is the on-chart/mini chart (as posted here here):
Floating indicator 1.02.ex4
(65.44 KiB) Downloaded 468 times

TDI III which includes Multi-timeframe, additional Moving Average for the Market Baseline as well as Alerts & Arrows (as posted here here):
TDI III Indicator With Extra Moving Average for MT4 Non-repainting.png
Traders_Dynamic_Index III mtf + arrows.mq4
(29.19 KiB) Downloaded 748 times
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