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MT4 Coding Snippets

mladen, Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:15 am

Time filter ...

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bool checkTimeLimits(uint startHour, uint endHour, datetime timeToCheck) { return(checkTimeLimits(startHour,0,0,endHour,0,0,timeToCheck)); }
bool checkTimeLimits(uint startHour, uint startMinute, uint endHour, uint endMinute, datetime timeToCheck) { return(checkTimeLimits(startHour,startMinute,0,endHour,endMinute,0,timeToCheck)); }
bool checkTimeLimits(uint startHour, uint startMinute, uint startSecond, uint endHour, uint endMinute, uint endSecond, datetime timeToCheck)
   bool answer = false;
   MqlDateTime tempTime; TimeToStruct(timeToCheck,tempTime);
      datetime startTime,endTime,checkTime;
               startTime = _ctMinMax(startHour,0,24)    *3600+_ctMinMax(startMinute,0,60) *60+_ctMinMax(startSecond,0,60);
               endTime   = _ctMinMax(endHour,0,24)      *3600+_ctMinMax(endMinute,0,60)   *60+_ctMinMax(endSecond,0,60);
               checkTime = _ctMinMax(tempTime.hour,0,24)*3600+_ctMinMax(tempTime.min,0,60)*60+_ctMinMax(tempTime.sec,0,60);
   if (startTime>endTime)
          answer = (checkTime>=startTime || checkTime<=endTime);
   else   answer = (checkTime>=startTime && checkTime<=endTime);
uint _ctMinMax(uint value, uint min, uint max) { return((uint)MathMax(MathMin(value,max),min)); }
example of time filter usage (both mt4 and mt5 versions) :
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