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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

zeib, Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:58 pm

Praise to God with Xard's System and Pivots Just Slaying the Price Look at Pivot Reversal Trade Rejected 100 Zone <3

This is not the trade i took from Xard's System Its a Davit Pivot Reversal trade and Its Super Risky

I did'nt explained this trade earlier I'm Sorry. You can Also Take trades Directly from Davit Pivots If it reject beautifully like you see here but i recommend wait for color change of MAs if you want to trade pivots with Xard's System. If you do want to trade pivot reversals like shown in this trade then risk 50% less than you do with any other trade. Because Reversal trades only has success rate of 40%.

Im posting these trades just to show you guys that it works that does'nt mean i dont lose or i have this holy grail system. It just means i have my winners bigger than my losses. I took this super risky entry because i already lost 5 in a row and i have a daily loss limit of 7 trades. If i loss 7 trades in a row i stop trading for the day.I took two Risky entries from pivots and won that paid all my losses and some profit on top of it. Check my history below.

Backtest and Demo for 1 month If it works for you then go live otherwise don't trade and lose. From now on i will post my losing trades with screenshot too.
My Trading History for 12 Trading Days
Started using Xard's System on 25th
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