Re: $100 Up Down V6 indicator

Ssekajoe wrote: Tue May 21, 2024 11:26 pm Please kindly share some signals
Sorry I don't have much time to come here...
Buy was 1811, Sell not yet... the last one is also with levels that he has to confirm...
learn to use the indicator first, then trade...

Re: $100 Up Down V6 indicator

guner wrote: Wed May 22, 2024 5:12 am hey Pucmola

what about thise.?
Guner, we clearly misunderstood each other.
Your signals are not bad, but they need CONDITIONS. You have a lot of signals there. You filter them to 1 signal only by conditions (minimum 20).
example ... you have 10 signals, how do you make one of them? using oscillators, crossing MA, etc. (I use my own, as the originals in mt4 are limited...) as I already wrote, Hills has 32 conditions.

ok ... you only have one signal, what's next...

you need absolute top candles... that can be done in 4 or more ways
- oscillator (uncertain)
- points 1.2.3 (3/4 top)
- levels (50% success)
- price ( took me 3 months and 2Tb of SSD tracking the price before I figured out what the real price does at the top) not on the chart but in the background...that means you open a real trade and watch the price it does... and you will figure it out... And now you have the TOP of the selected candle on H1, it will be wrong approx. max. by 4 pips......

Or you already know, you've been programming for 20 years.
You already know what you need them for (I quote you): useless
INDICATORS ... for conditions (FILTERS)
learn to use the indicator first, then trade...

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