Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Excellent work from Xard.

Just discovered this thread yesterday in what is supposed to be my last chance at forex trading. I've been bingeing on this thread since yesterday, starting from page 113 backwards. I'm now on page 67, taking notes as I go. I've also started reading up on PowerDash and Murrey Math Lines. Something tells me this may be the turnaround I've been looking for. Hopefully I'm right this time.

I added the Xmas edition to my MT4, specifically the "XARD TRADING 5MIN" template. The Murrey/Octave Math lines display okay. However, the labels are missing. I've checked the properties and even recreated the template on a fresh chart but no luck. Does anybody know how I can get the labels back (1/8th, 2/8th, 3/8th etc)?

Octave Math lines missing labels Octave Math lines missing labels

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