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Krelian99 wrote: Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:22 am Yes, I love volume and without I feel naked or blind, and I don't like flying blind. NTL, where to start? Volume is an huge field to play on and traders needs long long time to understand and to master. I talked to some old guys in trading and most don't use volume. Most say in FX volume makes no sense. The fewest gave it a change, but who do are astonished in the end and wonder why they have overseen it all the time. When I say volume I mean tick volume, actually I prefer ticks than real volume. When a contract is filled, the market moves and at certain spots the market oscillates quickly generating ticks, but this is nothing different as the struggle of Bulls and Bears. In trends are no struggles, that's why a trend is boring, it's just the way between struggling areas. There are some different approaches to handle volume. Volume alone makes no sense, you have to combine it with other approaches, but it will be the leading indicator. Then it helps predicting and reading the market. Volume moves price, it's the fuel or the potential flow in a physical sense.
The point is there is no possibility to automate trading with volume and there are so many indis failing with (as "volume as a base to calculate price & trend"), e.g. smoothing volume. There is a reason because there are peaks or valleys at certain spots. When you understand this you get to know what FX really is and that it is good for us that the market is 'rigged'. Volume or ticks are the footprints money maker leave and there is no other way to see that.
could you advise on useful reading on volume trading, please?

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Jimmy wrote: Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:30 pm This is the Volume Reversal Hook which was optimized by Mladen and posted some time ago but it also requires an additional file in your indicator directory for it to work so I've included all of the files below.

Please ensure both files are downloaded.
Now I see my indicator here. This indicator never was shared in public, only I shared by email for private use at 2-3 persons. So there is no manual and how to use it.
Also I never sell my indicators and I would like free for all, but bad experiences in the past with bad people selling and scamming in my name change this.

Mladen was my teacher coding, I´ve learnt much reading the code of his indicators and work for a number of years. So all my respect for him. But is not well optimized for "Buy Arrows" because there is too much arrows using wrong data number for code indicator.

This indicator "Never Repaint".

Two examples:
- Volumen Reversal working as fractals. One year backtesting starting with 100€.
- Volumen Reversal working following trends.

Regards for all of this great site. One of my favorites.

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ELEA wrote: Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:27 am
I dont need sell my indicators as I already said. Why I need sell my work if I can make money trading with my indicators?
Hi, you can sell or give away your indicators to make money for those who need it ...

good deeds always apply, even when you are disappointed by the human being, it will repay you by rewarding you in eternal life ..

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