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Re: What does the Price numbers in indicator settings mean

Vames wrote: Wed Dec 14, 2022 12:43 pm I want to know the full meaning of the price numbers. I know Open, Close, and others are part of it. But which number stands for what? Please help if you can.

An example picture has been added.
The first 6 are standard metatrader prices 7 and 8 are these below.

Code: Select all

double getPrice(int type, int i)
   switch (type)
      case 7:     return((Open[i]+Close[i])/2.0);
      case 8:     return((Open[i]+High[i]+Low[i]+Close[i])/4.0);
      default :   return(iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_SMA,type,i));

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