Re: Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

Briefly about the system:

Author's trading strategy based on the MarketProfile indicator

Depending on market conditions

The strategy contains two types of trading:

1. Trading inside the price range.

2. Trading above/below price range.

When trading, the following parameters are taken into consideration: price range, boundaries of the price range, maximum horizontal volumes and price reaction. On the basis of and taking into account these parameters the rules of trading by the system are prescribed, when necessary conditions on the market arise, according to the rules of trading, the deals are opened.

It should be noted that this system is not suitable for all traders!

This trading system is designed primarily for minority traders who want to make money in the market!

After all, the fate of most traders, to lose money in the market, such is the reality of the financial market!

Re: Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

Alex999 wrote:
Wed Aug 11, 2021 5:42 pm
system trading sell nzdcad, eurusd

11 (2).jpg
mister grail's "grail"

1) open trades randomly on 28 pairs on a demo account.

2) half of them end up in profit (statistically), select the best one.

3) Only show the best winning trades

4) you got a grail !! easy peasy

5) say some BS about market profile and cash-in the sales


Re: Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

The deal was closed on take profit

The first screenshot shows one of the basic rules of the system

there was a bullish price accumulation, the price tested it and went north

Re: Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

kingzboleto wrote:
Tue Jul 27, 2021 11:24 pm
So here it's Magic Trade from Mr. Grail aka Market Profil with MarketProfile_v1.16_POC_Heatmap.ex4

what you downloaded is not our product! You shouldn't mislead people just by downloading some indicator!

This is what we offer, our product, an archive with training materials!

authorship, uniqueness, effectiveness - confirmed by the results


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