Re: Trading Pullbacks System

sal wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:24 pm
Let him answer as i was requested to give hissuggestion to meyney... )
Secondly, its a real trade performed and the result that youcan see on post hmm...
Why (and how) wouldn't I let him answer?
I thought you wanted feedback. Sorry to have interfered in your real trade hmm...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Meyney wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:20 pm
Yes looks nice but in this case/move a lot of indicators will show nice entries right. I still use trendlines for entering after the pullback, for those who are struggling with trendlines the ATR stops indi is perhaps useful.
I merge rainbow indies with your ma line setting, see how its looks :)
i try AWO indies as trend indicator and pullback is half trend . I use max 2 indies which my helps me to more..
i love your strategy and ATR stops. i will try..

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

josi wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:23 pm
Are you using: ATR - Stops averages (mtf + alerts)
What inputs for the ATR stops do you use?
Mostly the ATR stops seem to give a late signal.
yes this is ATR - Stops averages (mtf + alerts) indi default setting. Indeed it is a little bit late compared to trendline entries. I do not use it. But perhaps it is useful as entry, not as exit (exit previous SD zone etc.)

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Meyney wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:03 pm
Most important and don't forget the concept = impulse retrace/chop SD
noted sir..
as per my last trade as shown in my snap it is clear down trend .. M30 as shown in picture is favouring to m1 trend chart . see snap time

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

moey_dw wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:58 pm
so............. ummmm no more rsi??? any update 2 the template??
That's right no RSI, but I never used it on my charts/examples posted here as you already noticed. Perhaps you can add/try the ATR indi. I was looking for a tool to use / add because I received a lot of questions about the trendlines. Maybe this will help, it is sometimes late, but it can filter bad entries also.

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