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DislikeWhy was I banned from Forex-station?

Why was I banned from Forex-station?


It seems that a few disgruntled new members have taken the liberty to reach out to our inbox to express their frustration about being removed from the site, so to answer all of those questions, here's a guide on why you may have been removed.

Why was I banned?

The easy answer? You didn't follow the rules.

To be more specific, you did either one of these things:

  • You joined and immediately started asking for freebies and demanding code modification without contributing/sharing to the forum or even saying "hello".
    This is a big one. We want people to join and help us grow the site. Help us, so that we can help you eg. share some indicators, interact with other topics, post some tips or stories. As one of our members put it, it's "Give and Take" here. Don't just turn up to the party without bringing some food to share, if you know what we mean.
  • You lied about your country location upon Registering.
  • You used a disposable or temp e-mail to Register.
  • You spammed.
  • Your signature contained spammy links.
  • You tried to sell something without getting permission from staff.
  • You posted Telegram links and tried to recruit people into your shady little group.
  • You went for the big guns and started contacting everyone via Private Messaging with requests for freebies.
  • You were recently banned.
  • You asked for source codes ie. "MQL4 version".
  • You posted external links in sections where links are not permitted. If you see this red box above the topic you're posting in, you can't post links.


Can I get a second chance?

You can try and join again in 30 days when you've had a bit of a breather. For the mean time, you can still browse our forum as a visitor. We won't ban your IP address from accessing our site unless you're a bonifide baddie (like a code stealer, a hacker etc.). When you come back, please don't do the same thing/s again.

Will I get banned if I block your ads?

Blocking ads is your choice. If you do it, please don't register and ask for free work to be done. Our site displays a maximum of three lightweight ad banners, and that's all. We don't earn commissions, either. We're also not greedy and we don't blast you with pop-ups or other strange shit, so please whitelist our site or just don't Register and ask for free stuff.
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No commissions are earned by Forex-station.

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Re: Why was I banned from Forex-station?

I’m new and haven’t had any problems being banned from this site, but I can’t keep an account on one other popular forum site because it keeps blocking me for no reason. Of course these rules are understandable, but it does feel like it’s way too easy to get banned from some of the other sites.

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