Sam Seiden scalping m1

I'm a big fan of Sam Seiden and came across this video the other day while reviewing some of his work. I put together an mt4 template and indicator set to try it.
give the video a study and try it out. it works GREAT.

I dont have a lot of time and I am rarely available to scalp early NA session. I set it up on Eurusd but I suppose it could be used for other things. Give it a spin and tell me what you think!

Re: Sam Seiden scalping m1

The SHABS19 indicator is an alert line. it can be dragged to front run a potential supply or demand zone whether it is one the indicator draws or one you spot that the indicators didn't. Saves from watching charts.

Forex_station has been kind to me over the years and I wanted to give something back to the community. I'm not a good programmer so this will have to do! Don't pay attention to the indicator in the bottom window. That was justthere so I could place the news indicator in a subwindow.

Also the Chin SHABS19 has files for sound to place and alert you of different currency pairs reaching support and resistance. I will upload those later.

The Chin SHABS19 does not transfer well on the template. It's best to remove it from the template and place it manually on the chart. I forgot to do that.

The indicators have trouble spotting rally base rally and drop base drop. keep that in mind

Re: Sam Seiden scalping m1

Now this file is a little tricky. attached is a sounds file for the Chin alert lines. These go in the sounds folder. In order to get there you have to right click on your Broker icon for mt4>>properties>>>open file location>>>sounds and place the contents of this folder in there. This will let you know which pair has breeched. It only has the majors plus a few crosses. some might not be in there and no crypto or anything else.
Sounds for sound
(490.5 KiB) Downloaded 313 times

Re: Sam Seiden scalping m1

Sam recommends trading this from 7:30am NY time to about 10am NY time.

Not my time slot to trade except on Mondays. In the short time I traded with this I found it to be very accurate. LMK if you get similar results.

Basically place the chin lines to front run a zone the indicators see. If you are familiar with Sam's Method, look for RBRs and DBDs as well because the indicators don't pick up on those as easily.

Zones inside of zones have higher probability.

You can halve the risk if you have zones on top of zones and scale in.

When you get an alert, place a limit order just ahead of price using the TG money manager to limit risk. Always obey the yellow number for risk.

Stop is calculated at 4X ATR. the TG money manager will tell you where it is.

Use the One click trade to adjust the lots size and right click just above price for a limit sell and just below price for a limit buy

Look for at least 3 to 1 and take one less. That is 2 to 1

That's about it.

Re: Sam Seiden scalping m1

RplusT wrote:
Wed Jun 30, 2021 10:11 pm
Hi, downloaded the files. When opening the chart, it gives a non stop FFCal Error. Why's that?
works for me. but I remember I had some similar issues and it was the news calendar. Simply take it out

Re: Sam Seiden scalping m1

constbln wrote:
Wed Jun 30, 2021 11:06 pm
works for me. but I remember I had some similar issues and it was the news calendar. Simply take it out
Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, I had deleted the News but it did not stop there. I also had to delete the Chin breakout alert. Now it works fine.

I kind of like the levels but the HLCTrend is not really meaningful.

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