Re: Share your holy grail system here

MajdHolbi wrote:
Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:31 am
here are good inids
When you learn to tune your own indicators, then you will not need to open new topics, like this one.
"Only the price on the chart can show the entrance to the deal..."

Re: Share your holy grail system here

nobody in their right mind would share their holy grail.

it's like saying please send me 20 BTC at "this adress" every month, ok ? thank you ("sharing is caring")

Sharing a system that works like a holy grail means you're gonna basically give them your money, because they will trade at the same time as you and there is so much liquidity at the same time. So you won't be able to compound anymore.
Moreover if you withdraw money, and the one you gave your system to doesn't, you will end up making much less, because he will trade bigger lots than you and take all the liquidity

so i f I had the holy grail I would never share it
only an idiot would.

also it is so hard to find that you would not want to part from it for less that a few millions bucks
remember 10% a month from 1M is $100K !! that's huge

Re: Share your holy grail system here

also, to build a decent system costs you really much time and many efforts.
Why then to give it for free? And, on the other hand, what is suitable for
you need not to be suitable for me, and vice versa :); each person should build his/her own system,
perhaps with some elements of other existing systems (as e.g. Xard's one).

Re: Share your holy grail system here

MajdHolbi wrote:
Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:48 am
do not be nigative guys let us help each other really
The tittle of this topic is SHARE YOUR HOLY GRAIL and not LETS HELP EACH OTHER. Two diffrents things. The first is imposible the second is posible.

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