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25 minute video from prop firm Axia Futures on trading volatile markets. Published 30th March 2020.

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50 min lecture video from Anton Kreil's Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management provocatively titled 'Why people suck at trading and life'. Looks at developing a repeatable process and avoiding gambling. Published 12th March 2020.

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1 hour 20 minute video from MIT which looks at the origins of poker and how that lead to credit and debt creation in the US mid north west and then the start of the CME futures market. Then comes back to poker to look at the start up of quant analysis in the 1980s.

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55 min video on how to use 'implied volatility' as a trading indicator. Using the futures market implied volatility data high and low trading range bands can be made and plotted onto a chart. So you are creating an indicator looking into the future based on actual trades placed by futures traders in the futures market and plotted onto the cash market chart. Very interesting and with a step by step guide.

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13min Axia Futures prop firm video on trading 'Key Auction Reversals' (V shape).
Published today looking at the current BTC and US 10y charts.

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Interesting short video looking at using the price ladder with level 2 data to track a trader executing a large order.
From the prop firm Axia Futures.

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Apologies if this link is not allowed and please remove if that is the case.
30 minute podcast from The Times telling the story of Nav Sarao aka 'The Hound of Hounslow' who made $70 million day trading from his bedroom in his mom and dad's house in west London. Was arrested and extradited to the US after being named as the one who caused a Trillion dollar flash crash in the US markets.
Fascinating story which tracks his career in trading from working for a prop firm in London to independent trader to a court room in the US and finally back to Houndslow. ... 64082076f7

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