ahmadamani wrote:
Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:46 am
Daim2574 wrote:
Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:55 pm
Thanks for the exciting updates amdudus. So, is this system going to be free for paid members?.... also, just curious, this reversal indicator below, doesn’t that repaint?.... thanks again
Hi dear Amdudus, that is good how cam I download it?
Brief report for the last period
Closed private channel. Concentration of the best materials on the Internet for targeted training. Not just quantity, but quality. Speaker-traders with many years of experience, who have achieved everything that you dream of with their hard and hard work. Replenished periodically and constantly.
Here you can download my templates of trading systems, if you need them, or even better make your own, using the knowledge you can get.
Catalog of advisors, indicators, books-paid and free. The number of files is 1000. From this all, you can choose something for yourself.
Forex Akasha Chronicles 1
Catalog of advisors, indicators, books-paid and free. Number of files 1000. Plus 6 files with 1000 indicators. Plus download links
more than 4500 advisors and more than 11500 indicators. In general, you can drown in all this.
Forex Akasha Chronicles 2
Open Will be filled with paid and free materials (advisors, indicators, books, videos) starting in March 2021. the number of 1000 files, another channel will be opened (for ease of use).

What all this gives? While working on the materials, I personally got rid of the indicator dependence, the passionate desire to work up to calluses on the butt on small timeframes and from numerous nonsense and myths that are passed from mouth to mouth by traders. I'll tell you that it was difficult. get in the right direction, but it is quite another to get tangled left and right.
This is a bit humorous, but this is the main point of everything - to give right away the right direction so that people do not waste time, energy and finances.
Judging by the reviews, the group and the channel helped the participants in understanding Forex a lot.
Why was all this necessary? For certain reasons, some of the materials cannot be published in the public domain here on the site. However, they are prohibitively expensive and inaccessible for a novice trader.
This is without advertising. Everything as it is. Nobody tells you that becoming a participant, tomorrow you will start throwing a shovel a million after a million. You must still go through the inner work with yourself. This is the most difficult thing.
No indicator or advisor can think. Their MQL language is very limited and long mathematical "cables" of codes are also not a panacea. Until a person can be replaced.
According to the last template, work is carried out at key H4 levels.

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