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hi mods............ wat is tsd/old archive???
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Re: Forex-TSD Archive

moey_dw wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:59 pm
hi mods............ wat is tsd/old archive???
It's an old archive of indicators, scripts, notes, systems, screenshots & pictures that were saved over the years. Long before TSD was bought/closed.

The issue with the archive of saved files we have is it's not neatly organized unlike Mntiwana's collection which he has made the effort to sort and create folders of all files. This particular archive needs to be sifted through and a lot of stuff updated, fixed or optimized.

For now, obviously we're only posting files that are missing from Forex-Station that are by Mrtools and Mladen (files that may have been removed when we migrated Forex-station to this newer forum back in 2017) and not every single thing in there as a lot of it is pictures, broken files or very old indicators & EA's that need to be re-coded etc.
Forex-TSD 10 year archive folder.jpg
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Re: Forex-TSD Archive

kk i get ya........ yeah most files i see on tsd are not nmc or are older 1s......... thx mrtools for restoring some these stuff 2 former glory
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