Learn to code questions

How many hours of study would it take to become competent in mql4? Just a rough guess for an average person.

Also what is the tutorial/classes?


Re: Learn to code questions

Depend on your background...
For a developer I think in 1-2 days can understand code and can write something executable... But doesn't mean that can know what he is doing... Became a mql4 programmer doesn't mean became a good trader.

For someone that is approaching a language program for the first time... I recommend to study the logic at the base of develop something. If you know the "logic" later you can develop in every language, all you need is a an handbook to translate logic in instruction. Logic stand for, cycles, if statement, variables...
For this kind of people, the question is... You can do everything's but.... how many time can you spend for it? Later you will use this language or it's only for develop your system and try it? Many times it's better to pay someone for develop your system in 1-2 days...
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