Forex Firebrand Strategy
The indicator looks like a half-trend or super-trend. I think we should pay attention to the dotted channel.
In some old supertrend strategy, a similar channel turkey was given and it was a rule that only the touch of this channel was traded and only the first 20 candles after the trend change, then the signals are ignored.

The price is 37 US dollars.
Their ad copy:
Forex Firebrand Strategy
The Forex Firebrand strategy gives invaluable signals with great precision so that you can make only the best and most profitable deals for maximum profit!
System indicators never redraw, so you can be sure that none of the generated signals will change at all!
Dear trader
You are going to discover a new way to trade without stress, which is completely different from everything you've tried before.
You will love it if you fought. And you will like it even more if you are already winning, but do not mind squeezing the BIGGEST profits from your winning strategies.
You see, my team and my team have come up with a strategy that changes the game, generates ultra-accurate signals, allows you to enter early and allows you to follow the trend right up to the very end.
That's for sure. It is like a laser. And it is deadly effective.
The Forex Firebrand strategy eliminates trading emotions, significantly reduces trading risks and signals powerful trading opportunities before they become obvious with the naked eye. It picks up strong mini-trends even before they formed, and opens up the best opportunities for you. It can also determine winning trading opportunities in small market movements that you would most likely miss.
It works perfectly and efficiently on all currency pairs and commodities. Thus, you can choose any trading tool that is convenient for you. The system comes with light signals that appear right on your chart, no matter which Forex broker you use. Everything about the indicator is explained in the user manual that comes with the indicator itself.
Changes in market sentiment are indicated by line color changes. The blue line in the buying market and the purple line mean that you should be ready for sell signals. This technology will allow you to catch as much of this movement as possible!
Our software will allow you to skip the learning curve and get started right away. No thinking, no analysis, no headaches, just scroll through the user manual and you are ready to go.
Forex Firebrand strategy has ...
2 methods of notification of all new trading opportunities
Forex Firebrand strategy has several built-in alert systems that will quickly notify you of new trading opportunities within a few seconds. Each alert gives you the currency pair, timeframe, price and signal that has been generated.
1. MT4 platform alert with sound
This window will appear on the broker's platform on your computer to notify you of a new trading opportunity so that you can take quick action.
2. Instant Email Notification
You can also choose to receive email notifications.


Forex Indicator Gunduro Angle Indicator
Accidentally got into this topic, found the indicator, write that it does not draw. But for the flat is not very good

The price is 19.99 US dollars.
What is written in the advertising text?
The new indicator “Gunduro Angle” will show you EXACTLY WHERE and WHEN you can enter the Forex market (without guessing)!
Indicator Can be used for Scalp, Daytrade or Swing Trade ANY Forex pair, and can enter the trade with "Sniper" like accuracy!
Indicator anatomy
The Gunduro Angle indicator displays colored red / green yellow dots. If the color red line is above the green line, you should look for short trades when the market is not oversold, and if the color red line is below the green line, you should look for long trades when the market is not overbought.
Features of the indicator:
• Surprisingly easy to trade
• Search oversold / overbought
• Enjoy silent trading at all times.
• Avoid getting on intraday charts.
• The indicator analyzes own quality and productivity
• The indicator does not need optimization at all.
• It implements email / sound alerts
• The indicator does not repaint.
Gunduro Angle Indicator also identifies all breakthroughs in the direction of the trend for you ...
I specifically programmed the indicator so that it can identify not one, but two types of REAL breaks in the direction of the trend. And from my research, these two types of trends, the next breakthroughs, are the absolute best in terms of accuracy and overall profitability.
When the Gunduro Angle Indicator detects a breakthrough with great profit potential, it will print a signal on your chart. Thus, you can take advantage of these long-term trading opportunities.
Gunduro's angle indicator NEVER replicates ...
And it is extremely flexible: it works on ANY currency pair. It also works with indices, stocks, commodities and futures. More add indicator comes with a full warning package!
So far we have been talking about how well the indicator works on large time frames, for example, daily or 4 hours. But maybe one of the most interesting features of the Gunduro angle indicator is that ...
This is VERY useful for day trading in markets using time intervals of 1, 5, 15 minutes ...
Forex Gunduro Angle Indicator 1.png
Forex Gunduro Angle Indicator 2.png
Forex Gunduro Angle Indicator 3.png
Forex Gunduro Angle Indicator 4.png


Trading Strategy Forex Holy Range Bars Forex Holy Grail without redrawing
I have not tested this system either on a demo or on a real account. I will give you your tests and decisions. Accordingly, I cannot give any recommendations.
Out of sales. The cost was $ 297.
The advertising text is cited with abbreviations:

Trading Strategy Forex Holy Range Bars Forex Holy Grail without redrawing
Renko's trade is great, but she also has some flaws that you already know. Renko trading requires an additional tool for creating rencho charts. First of all, setting up a renko chart is a bit difficult for some traders, but the second drawback and the main result, which actually comes from the first, is that the Renko chart can cause some other problems, such as repainting, for example. Even if you take the truth indicator without redrawing and use it with Renko charts, there is a pretty big chance that this indicator will be redrawn on Renko charts. Thus, this problem arises directly from the principles of Renko generation, on which Renko charts are based. I thought about how to make trading easy and profitable, as with Renko charts, but at the same time provide a truly unpaid experience. And I thought, why not use the concept of a range of bars that was not as popular as Renko ?! And you know, it was a really great solution.
I took the original concept of the range and combined it with the principles of generating renko diagrams. I managed to create software that took the best of both worlds. As a result, I managed to get rid of these two important flaws in the Renko software.
My Holy Range Bars software does not require the use of any separate diagramming tool such as Renko. So all you need to do is bind the indicator to your chart, and it automatically converts your regular chart to a Holy Range Bars chart. In other words, the system will start working for you right out of the box.
Again, I repeat that now, using my new concept, you will use standard diagrams without the need for any additional software for converting diagrams. My Holy Range Bar software automatically converts your standard chart to my unique Holy Range Bars chart without the need for additional charting software. Also, since we use standard charts, NOT REPAIR! There is no place for redrawing such problems as it happens with any software like renko.
This page is in fact a private invitation to learn about the unique way to make money with the trading system, which I call “Bars with a wide range”. This is a standalone product, available only to my Forex Holy Grail clients.
I am going to release a limited number of copies of this software and made this offer available only for one week.
This software will never be available for purchase elsewhere. In addition, it will no longer be available for purchase when the offer expires.
Feel free to learn more about my new trading software on this page below. You will receive all the necessary information about my new software, and if you have any questions, you know what you need to do. Just contact me and I will answer all your questions.
The advantages of the Holy Range Bars software over all Renko-based indicators.
1. Very easy to use! No need to use standalone charts.
2. Software provides high quality signals in a wide variety of markets.
3. Signals absolutely NEVER return, do not circulate or disappear.
4. Signals are NEVER LAS.An arrow appears to the right at the end of the candle signal. No delay at all.
5. No additional software is needed to convert the diagram, for example, in the case of renko diagrams. Simply add the Holy Range Bars indicator to any chart, and it instantly converts your chart to a Holy Range Bars chart.
How does the Holy Range Bars system work?
The system is actually only one indicator, which is represented by arrows and a range of two-color glow candles. It is very easy to apply. All you need is to track the arrows and ranges. Look at the screenshots below to see how easy it is to use the system.
As you can see in the screenshot below, trading with my Holy Range Bars method is very easy. You just follow the arrows and ranges. There are several ways to use signals. This screen shot below is a common way to use software.
The trader needs an arrow, and then a line confirming the signal. You can also re-enter or add additional positions if you get a new arrow in the same direction. Signals do not redraw. So what you see is actually what you get with the software.
You can use it with different time frames from M5 to W1 and even MN.
But due to some technical features of the trading concept, the software cannot work with M1. But this will not be a problem, because the ability to use any time frame from M5 to the highest and the ability to use any trading instrument is a currency or something else that gives you truly unlimited trading opportunities.
Again, I want to repeat that the system is very efficient and never replicates its signals. All signals are real. I truly believe that my new software will certainly help you achieve your financial goals, no matter what they are.
Top 10 Benefits of the Holy Range Bars
1. No need to learn anything about trade.
2. Even common beginners can make a profit using my method.
3. Software provides high quality signals.
5. Signals are very convenient to trade.
6. Algorithm for automatic adaptation. No settings to configure.
7. The software can be used with any trading tool that can be displayed on a chart.
8. You can use the software with as many of your trading accounts as you like.
I showed you a trading system that can free up your time and help you earn a good and stable profit in trading. Holy Range Bars software can generate many signals for you. It can also give you an accurate exit point. This is actually what we all traders want, right?
Always remember the benefits you have with my software. These advantages are superior to any other Renko or range indicator. 99% of all Renko indicators and ranges are just plain old tools and generate very few signals. My software is different. This makes trading with a range of bars in a completely new and unique way. It has its own unique algorithm, specially designed for generating accurate signals.
Of course, my brand new Holy Range Bars software costs money, and it just can't be free. As I said, this software and trading method is available only to my clients. Moreover, you will not be able to get this software, since it will only be available for one week. When the offer expires, I will not be able to sell this software again. Therefore, if you want this system, you'd better hurry and get it now, otherwise you will never find it anywhere else, including here.
HolyRangeBars 1.png
HolyRangeBars 2.png
HolyRangeBars 3.png


Russian trading system.

They write that this is a unique system for determining price reversal points based on the futures volumes of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Sell ​​for $ 100.
In fact, there are 3 free indicators, one of which is of some interest!
Volume Price 1.png
Volume Price 3.png


They write in the advertising text as follows.
The FIRST rock-solid MACD trading system that can generate 200-500 pips/week!
Let’s face it, many traders deploy the MACD indicator in their daily forex trading but over 90% fail to use it profitable. Instead, they lose it all.
That’s why we have developed the MACD Blaster PRO system. It’s an highly advanced and profitable forex system based on MACD.
The double trend confirmation MACD trading algorithm we have developed is highly advanced and has been rigorously tested in real-time.
MACD Blaster PRO system provides you with clear and precise signals on any currency pair that are easy to follow, even for absolute beginners!
It’s the FIRST rock-solid MACD based trading system that can generate 200-500 pips/week!!
The system consists of 2 components: the MACD Blaster PRO trend analysis mini window and the MACD scalper indicator.
MACDBlasterPRO 0.png
MACDBlasterPRO 1.png


Paid Russian advisor.
The author claims that the adviser is able to earn from 0.5 to 1% per day every working day. I am very skeptical of advisers.
  You can try at your own risk, but first you must on a demo account!

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