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thomdel wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:50 am
@ nathanvbasko

Please consider this J Smooth Indi Request.

Can you Please Post a Separate : J Smooth Indicator as available in : HA_APB OLD Indicator ?

I can't as I ditched that version long time ago.

Re: v2v dynamic system

v2v dynamic trading system: profile loading... and greyed out ( unclickable elements) MT4 toolbar prevention

─ Added greyed out toolbar prevention code... and removed unwanted objects due to on-load failure
─ New default parameter values
─ Since intuition can be trained... And so as your eyes and brain in order to see the divergence/convergence. With that, I removed TDZ's divergence signal to prevent a possible false signal creeping up to your analytical mind.
─ TDZ & v2v Momenticks new selection button.
─ Some code optimization has been done among other tools
─ New template and custom profile
─ New default parameter values

If you experienced the greyed out ( unclickable elements ) MT4 toolbar issue whenever you are loading custom indicator(s) that use tick data (volume history) extensively, which usually happens upon loading the v2v dynamic trading system. And more often (with MT4 demo servers due to connection/latency issue) if you closed your MT4 platform while more than one chart/instrument or pair are getting loaded (more frequently from the previous release). Now with the current release (get it from the shared link below), you might not experience this issue anymore as the entire system won't load up completely unless the connection to your broker's MT4 server(s) (demo or real) has been established successfully. shown on the following MT4 screenshot below
To rectify this issue, please follow the instructions below (on the screenshots):|
***optional solution: Reload your template (the default or v2v dynamic system) on your chart or switch to another timeframe (e.g. from M30 to H1) 
A must before using the v2v dynamic trading system:
Follow the steps below:

1) Open an M1 chart
2) Press "F2" key to load History Center
3) Navigate to the currency pair and the "1 Minute (M1)" history data for the chart you have open in your terminal (be sure to "double click" the "1 Minute (M1)" selection in history center so it becomes the active selection)
4) Then left-click once on any of the data rows in the right-hand window of the History Center (it doesn't matter which one)
5) Click the "Add" button, this pops up another window titled "Bar" and the default selection is on the "year"
6) Enter 1970
7) Then select "OK"... and it creates a new bar with the timestamp and price info you just added.
8) Now select "Close" in the History Center
9) Attached a script located under "Scripts" folder (with >>> Attached this to your chart: ForceLoadHistoricalData.ex4
10) Navigate to your M1 chart of interest and then from the terminal window (press Ctrl-T) select "Journal "-> go to main chart window and right-click mouse button and select "Refresh"...this will refresh the chart and attempts to fill any time gaps in the chart data (which now includes your year 1970 data point) with server data
Step 10 continued...Now your chart will have pulled anywhere from 2048 to 65536 M1 bars from your broker's server (not Metaquotes server) and is usually far more data than you can get the broker to cough up when you try and manually scroll your M1 chart back in time

If everything went fine... then you've quickly downloaded all the broker's M1 data on your currency pair that the broker is going to let you have, much faster than holding down the home or page-up key for minutes and minutes to download even fewer data. Now, you may continue with the rest of the time frames. But, don't forget to delete the year 1970 dummy tick data after it downloads more history, then you may need to check & verify if after the deletion (1970 record) if still got maximum historical data has been downloaded otherwise add 1970 record once again.

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Re: v2v dynamic system

v2v dynamic trading system: ...Updates

─ v2v Momenticks: vertical line on-switch selection removal of an uncleared vertical line
─ Neural Network: improved process calculation
─ New template & profile
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Re: v2v dynamic system

nathanvbasko wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:03 pm
v2v dynamic trading system: profile loading... and greyed out ( unclickable elements) MT4 toolbar prevention
─ Added greyed out toolbar prevention code... and removed unwanted objects due to on-load failure...
Profile loading... and greyed out MT4 toolbar (unclickable elements) prevention >>> please read this post viewtopic.php?p=1295397690#p1295397690 <<< If you will follow the steps here, make sure that you have the following MT4 settings under "Tools >>> Options >>> Expert Advisors" (check below). Otherwise, "Allow automated trading" will be unchecked or turned off and you may need to manually enable it again. This is required if you are using an Expert Advisor tool attached to your chart that executes the buy or sell order process after loading a different profile other than the last profile loaded before closing the MT4 platform.

Re: v2v dynamic system

Since I can't update the first post on this thread... I just wanted to add or to reiterate (without sounding rude), that this v2v dynamic trading system is not for noobs, and I won't say it that this system or indicators are for noobs as it would tend to sound not a good trading tool to have ; )─ I just meant that it requires greater experience to understand how the system works. Otherwise, look for another trading system that makes you think less and adhere to the mantra of the KISS approach.

This is not a trading system that shows you a buy or a sell signal. It is a trading system that makes you a responsible trader that uses more of your brainpower and not just simply waiting for a buy & sell signal or a pattern to form. This system will let you create your own combination of confluences/setups and produced your own technical baseline bias before any type of price action shows up on your chart.

Re: v2v dynamic system

v2v dynamic trading system: ...Updates & Fixes
─ v2v Momenticks: Fixed MTF mode and optimized
─ TDZ Momentics: Fixed MTF mode, button relocation, and removed the next or previous TF button.
─ Maintain chosen momenticks (oscillator) whenever it switches to another TF
─ New profile and templates
Note: If using the indicator in MTF mode, the Heiken-Ashi bars will look like it repaints only, it is actually the breakdown (on current TF) of MTF bar. It will be closed only until the chosen MTF equivalent number bars are completed.

Attached Image (click to enlarge) 

Get the updated release (re-uploaded - minor button text change) >>>
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Re: v2v dynamic system


─ Activate MTF mode interpolation for v2v Momenticks
─ Pivot Fibs plus: Fx Fixings future line and open market session future line updated color.
─ Fixed small issue with TDZ & v2v Momentics
─ updated templates and profile

More about Fx Fixing & Market open session timing parameter adjustment >>>  &
You may need to adjust your timings accordingly to your timezone/broker time 
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Re: v2v dynamic system

v2v dynamic trading system: Updates 

Now with Dominant Cycle Period (based on Homodyne Discriminator by John F. Ehlers) as an option to change the default Period dynamically.
This type of algorithm exhibits superior performance in a low signal-to-noise environment. Homodyne means I use the signal multiplied by itself one bar ago to produce a zero-frequency beat note. This beat note carries the phase angle of the one-bar change. Still using the basic definition of a cycle, the one-bar rate of change of phase is exactly the cycle period. 

1) Added toggle button to use the Dominant Cycle Period option to change the default Period dynamically for the following tools...

─ VP-Range: ATR/ADR bands calculation and period
─ VWAP: ATR/ADR bands calculation & period
─ TDZ: the dynamic zone top, mid and bottom bands only
─ v2v Momenticks: period

2) New template, profile and default parameter values

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Know more about Dominant Cycle Period here >>> viewtopic.php?p=1295398228#p1295398228

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