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Re: Candlesticks, Patterns & Price Action Indicators for MT4

Tsar wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:02 pm
Multiple Time Frames Candles

The indicator shows the Higher timeframe candles on the Current chart. Candle colors are selected according to Four different calculation methods.

Parameters :

1. Time frame -- Larger timeframe period
2. Candles mode -- Calculation method affecting candle colors :
a. Normal -- Standard bars, Candlesticks and Candle bodies
b. Heiken Ashi -- Heiken Ashi bars, Candlesticks and Candle bodies
c. Emini PVA -- PVA (Price-Volume Analysis) bars, Candlesticks and Candle bodies, as well as Standard bars
d. Sonic PVA -- PVA (Price-Volume Analysis) bars, Candlesticks and Candle bodies, as well as Standard bars
3. Candles number -- Amount of Candles displayed on the Chart

Emini & Sonic are ID names of FF (Forex Factory) Member's which have PVA (Price-Volume Analysis) Trading Style



Hello everyone, this is my second post here, so first I wanna say Thaaaaank You to all members, coders, collaborators, for the great job here, this is the most rich in iformation forum then I ever see, again thanks all!
Second, apologize for my english, I'm Brazilian, so I've been learning English most with songs, movies, series and using softwares, and when I don't know the word or can't remember I use Google Translate for help me.
I tryed use this indicator and don't work here, don't appear on the chart, someone can help with that?

Re: MT4 Candlesticks, Patterns, Correlation, Breakouts & Price Action indicators

What do people think about hidden supply and demand zones or support resistance?

It can take a long time to reach tp or it can reverse sharply leading to sl
One of the ways to spot we could be looking down a lower time frame to see which areas where neither the bears nor the bulls dominate for a while.

Is there any indicator that can reduce that?
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Don't mind me. I'm stupid af

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