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raycharles0403 wrote: Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:03 am

If price action is useful, you can just input price into a lstm (or other good machine learning model) model and have a really good backtest out of sample, which is not true! So price action is useless.
for your information : Price Action Is Just like ( Basic ABCD in trading ) ..!
Just My humble Opinion..!
Market made up of Cumulative Emotions and Hopes..!
It will Always change..!
Trading is Literally have uncountable concepts..! price action is most powerful..!
if you want to increase your odds.. you shouldn't rely only on one or few concepts..!
now a days trading has matured so much that we can't imagine..! even 11 year or anyone can be taught to be profitable
with simple organised executable plan..!
during my beginning stage i do thought that price action useless..! but now everyday i'm realizing it's powerfulness but still there are advanced concepts to learn..! observe & taught..!
it you want to learn and harmony with market you have to learn endlessly..! it is the most sophistic simple materialistic puzzle on earth..!

if you are using market just for earning money..! you might need only one or two basic indicators and little money management concept..! that's it..! you can be profitable simple as that..!

i can explain a lot..! ( why you think it is useless and i know why you're thinking like that ). but i'm not that good at Explaining and teaching now..!
my core concentration currently is observing , building , optimizing ( Currently crafting simple financial freedom plan ).

please feel free ..! Peace..! Happy Trading..!

Effort always direct proportional to results ..! put more efforts now you will receive compounded return in everything ( Not only in money terms )..!

Thank you so much..! for your time, attention..! and understanding..!

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ChuChu Rocket wrote: Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:37 am

The whole point of this topic is to have files here, easily accessible to members without the need to have to go elsewhere (an external link), that's why I took the time to upload hundreds of books for you all. Surely you could post one PDF up for us? :think:
Ok, sorry about that, I was just trying to follow the rules but I misunderstood them so here is the file Forex Focus: The Trend Determining Method by Aleksey Yudin.

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Hi Awesome Traders..!

Here is the Collection of ANNA COULING Books

1. Binary Options Unmasked
2. Forex trading for Beginners
3. A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis
4. A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex trading..!

Thank you so much..! Happy Trading..!

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