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Good evening. I would like to start this thread and know your opinions.

We know, that price is going up or down, this is the only way, up and down. So our goal is to go with the flow and catch the move from point A to point B, but how we can know, if price is going our way?

I have a question for you, how would you trade, if you would suddenly blind? You wouldn´t see the chart, you would know (or hear) only the numbers. So how would you do that?

So we have a reference point (RP) as a open price of a new candle, or close price of a previous candle.
If it goes ABOVE THE RP (open) - you go LONG - you are in the BUY ZONE
If it goes BELOW THE RP (open) - you go SHORT - you are in the SELL ZONE

You can try it by yourself, do your homework and try to do it on your chart, I am not going to post hundred of pics.
In my pics, I am trading H4 inside a MONTHLY candlestick, you can trade whatever timefrime you want, for example, if you want to trade one minute chart, you would plot vertical lines to a new open or close to H1.

There are 2 strategies, (or more, you can find out by yourself)
1. if you are in the BUY zone, why you would go short? So you have some EDGE, and you can look for some patterns, trendlines, s&r zones, or whatever. (same with sell zone)

2. You are using your reference point as a trigger like in picture 3.

It is not always so easy like in picture 1, that is why I posted few pictures, but with right money management I think it could be profitable.

Why I posted this in your page? I am still trying to find bigger edge, So I hope, you can adjust some indicator, or you will see something that I cant see or whatever. So what do you think about that? Do you know any indicator what would help, to avoid some loses or ranging price about a reference point?

Thank you for your contributions and green pips to all!



Last effort to sell or buy, could be RP.

Here is sell RP GPBUSD M15


I use previous days closing price as good support price or reference point . prices many times begins move after pull back towards it. The way to look is in which direction prices are moving fast from closing price.

Closing priced are set by professional traders so they are important make or break zones.


There is 24 different time zones, what you use for closing price?


as USD is the most important that moves all other currencies, closing price of american session on USDINDEX becomes the most important.

then according to currency of different countries, closing price of that countries session for that currency becomes important to watch.


Yeah, better answer than I expected. 1 hour is same everywhere, so maybe something there. I don`t know, just a thought.


individual countries trading session's 1 hourly chart too will match with 4 hourly chart of round the clock chart of that currency including matching of moving averages.

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