Custom MACD

I am sure there are a thousand MACD variations, but I need to verify this version from a coders perspective too.
Is anyone familiar or took a stab on CP's work from ff?

Can anyone make the indicator shown here? Is the information sufficient?

Re: Custom MACD

chriseel wrote:
Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:26 am
I am sure there are a thousand MACD variations, but I need to verify this version from a coders perspective too.
You are correct............... there are many more MACD here which will fulfill your needs............... what u posted in this photo does not look very useable (but pls prove me wrong :shifty:) & curious to know why you need such tool sir?
with the various mtf MACD's here u can achieve same from what I can see :)

Re: Custom MACD

Truth is I'm curious about the guy that uses them.
If you trade smaller tf's, the problem is that the market trades in various speeds/angles, making it very difficult for one indicator settings to work consistently.
This guy claims that with this indicator he is able to recognize whether we are in a breakout, continuation or reversal mode.

I already trade in a similar way using other tools to determine those phases, but I am willing to experiment further.

Re: Custom MACD

I think he did use few different TSI in sub window and envelopes in main window.
Looks like that chart is 112 ticks line chart, forms a new bar/candle after 112 ticks.

But take 3 different envelopes and trade when all is in harmony and use whatever oscillator to entry. Can not go wrong.

Re: Custom MACD

Anyways, CP was acting like he had something really special, but it was just simple trading. Trading with trend and buy/sell in pullbacks/retracements.
So nothing special, maybe more discipline than many others. Just follow the rules, and repeat that day after day.

Re: Custom MACD

I have a different opinion, but it is just my personal view.

If you review some older posts about Gann and the claim that "you don't need any historical data to trade", its something different.
I believe those indy's are just his order entry/ trigger tools

Re: Custom MACD

My friend said once, that you must be stupid to make success in forex. I think he did mean that we are overthinking, when it is actually simple and suits for stupid people, who does not think, they just press button. Trend, entry, exit. Repeat.

Re: Custom MACD

Yes, considering you're really stupid trading-wise and that anything can happen is the biggest trading breakthrough.
The degree you expect to be always right, is the degree you will fail

Anyway, back to my original request, can a coder just confirm if the "NoLagMA(10min)-EMA(10min) / Close" in percentage scale, is enough information to form the indy or you need smt more?

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