Fix: MT4 keeps closing or crashing after loading

A common problem with MT4 is it will enter a loop of closing itself once opened and connected. You don't need to re-install your MT4 or delete your data folder, all you need to do is remove one file called "Community.ini" in the Config folder.

Open your MT4. Just before it closes itself you'll have just enough time to quickly click on FILE and click on OPEN DATA FOLDER.

Once you're in your data folder, open your CONFIG folder.

Inside your CONFIG folder, delete the COMMUNITY.INI file.

Restart your MT4 client and it will no longer close itself once loaded!

Re: Fix: MT4 keeps closing or crashing after loading

That file is not viewable in editor. Is it really needed?
Mostly it helps if mt4 crashes after restarts to rename the currently used profile in datafolder /profiles. Often it is enough to delete the biggest (often corrupt) chartXX.chr in your last used profile. After restart choose another profile.
So save your profile more often with other names or make backups of mt4 (all older mt4 chart data is in folder history, you will miss old candles or have gaps in chart if you loose this data as the broker server has only last x candles to load.

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