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I've been using this TrendLine Alert indicator for when price crosses any trendline, but it's got one small problem... The alert goes off every single time it crosses, and it's giving me quite a big headache during high volatile markets.

As I don't really have much coding experience, and know-how, I was wondering if someone could edit this indicator so that the alert happens only ONCE per candle, and also shows which pair the alert happens, since at the moment, it only gives an audible alert. :)
TrendLine Alert.mq4
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Re: [EDIT INDICATOR] Trendline Alert

arby1108 wrote:
Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:13 am
Here you go.

TrendLine Alert.mq4

Hey Arby, thank you for that!

In your version the alarm only goes off after the candle is done, I'm looking for an alert as soon as price hit the trend line, maybe I should have made that a bit more clear, sorry about that. Do you think this is possible? :)

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