Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

]Hi Traders,
little star.ex4 is for binary option.png
this is from !MTH 2014

all TF with its respective setting for double kumo and BB, MA.

little star.ex4 is for binary option mainly.
! b970+ MTH2014 Little Star Indi.ex4
(213.29 KiB) Downloaded 2531 times
! MTH b700+ Mod xixi_tz_1_10_B.ex4
(57.84 KiB) Downloaded 2352 times
! MTH2014 - 4B Ichi RSI Little Star - Light BG v1.2.tpl
(88 KiB) Downloaded 2199 times
! MTH2014 - 4B Ichi RSI Little Star - Dark BG v1.2.tpl
(62.18 KiB) Downloaded 2128 times
! b765 MTH Market Time Indi.ex4
(133.22 KiB) Downloaded 2317 times

Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

css dirty dashboard(EA)
when H4 cross over to be align with D 1 currency slope.

orange: cross down
lime : cross up

B0 : current candle
B1 : 1st closed candle


some traders advise to Trade at session open.

css-dirty-db-EA (in expert folder)
10.7 CSS.v3.8ps_withAlertsCross.ex4
(63.12 KiB) Downloaded 1290 times
%21%21-CSS-Dirty-DB-EA 01.ex4
(250.75 KiB) Downloaded 1129 times
(220.32 KiB) Downloaded 1208 times
(58.46 KiB) Downloaded 1288 times
(43.8 KiB) Downloaded 1412 times

Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

fx treasure hunter
fx treasure hunter.png
any of the 3 red or black for entry. exit on the silver trend.ex4 .(this silver trend is non-repainting).
Better result on H1. ex4 is one of the fastest entry indi that does not repaint for entry.
(6.31 KiB) Downloaded 1428 times
High - low trend mtf 2.3.ex4
(40.6 KiB) Downloaded 1173 times
(5.48 KiB) Downloaded 1019 times
(4.78 KiB) Downloaded 1316 times
(5.02 KiB) Downloaded 1320 times

Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

Forex system
(338.88 KiB) Downloaded 1237 times
XARD's Almanac: Use Orange ZigZag/PerDot on 15m TF as Intra-Day Bias. WAIT! for the candle colour change for your first trade and use the Channel line as 1st EXIT target, take additional trades off the 2nd dots (dots 2,4,6...) that appear and look for a higher Semafor as your 2nd EXIT Target.

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