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Forecast for the European session on August 9

Bulls need a return to 1.1619. We fasten, I buy with the purpose of 1.1653 and 1.1677.
If we make a false breakdown or go under 1.1592, then I sell with the goal of 1.1556 and 1.1529, where I only watch the purchases.
With a decline, the hope for growth remains after a false breakdown at 1.1592, but growth should be intense. If within a couple of hours it is not, then it is better to leave the long lines from 1.1592, as they will pull the euro down.
We leave on 1.2893 - I buy with the aim of 1.2943 and 1.2996, where I sell for a rebound.
If a false breakout and return under 1.2893, re-sell and add to the breakdown of 1.2854 with a target of 1.2815 and 1.2776, where I'll look at the purchase.
Purchases only after fixing on 1214.90 or on a false breakdown from the middle of the channel 1210.60, or on a rebound from 1206.20.
Sales after an unsuccessful attempt to grow above 1214.90, or on a rebound from 1219.50.

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Forecast for the European session on August 10

I have a feeling that all Friday's movement has already ended, and further, throughout the day, we will not see anything interesting)
The euro is clearly a problem, and I paid attention to it yesterday. For today, sales only after correction to 1.1482 or on a rebound from 1.1519.
Purchases only on a false breakdown from 1.1440, after updating the low of the day, or on a rebound from 1.1410 and 1.1375.
If we go back to 1.1482, by the end of the day we can tug at inflation data to 1.1519, which will be a very good signal for euro buyers for the next week.
Trend down and other options yet.
While the trade is below 1.2815, the pressure on the pound will continue, and there are close to 1.2776 and 1.2718. Only there I'll watch the shopping.
Purchases in the area of ​​1206.20 are canceled, since the third test in a row. Only on a false breakdown and on updating 1210.60 and 1214.80.
If we leave under 1206.20, I sell with the aim of 1198.60 and 1190.90, where I buy for a rebound.

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Forecast for the European session on August 13

There is no signal to reverse, but buyers are trying to stop the fall.
Sales on a false breakdown from 1.1410 or on a rebound from 1.1445. Breakdown 1.1365 will lead to a sellout in the 1.1324 area, there are purchases for the rebound, or purchases from 1.1251.
Go against the trend is not necessary, so it is better to rely on sales after trying to grow the euro.
Breakthrough 1.2739 - the sale to 1.2677 and 1.2594. Unsuccessful consolidation and return under 1.2789 - sale to the same level, otherwise, sale for a rebound from 1.2847.
As for purchases, then only on a false breakdown from 1.2677, or on a rebound from 1.2594.
Purchases at the lower boundary of 1205.30 on a false breakdown, or on a rebound from 1198.60.
The target will be 1210.50 and 1216, from where I sell immediately for the rebound.

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