From what I can see the conditions on the charts are perfect because of nice elongated waves on the M1 chart. That's why other type of indis/ signals would work well too that I can think of. But will it work when it's more choppy?

Once again, it seems it has really nice potential but waiting all day looking at the indis/ charts until all aligns is really tedious and giving eyestrain. Because there are not that many signals. It's a shame no alert can be created when it aligns :(

Keep us updated and thanks for posting.


Come on he's using IQOption (that is known to scam ppl and manipulate) with 2-3sec entry delay when you use the real live account, I experienced myself in the past. On top of that he's using the 5sec proprietary chart on their platform for this. Also if he's an affiliate for IQOption please be aware that they're all scammers cherry picking results and editing their videos. After the new ESMA rules I would not advise to post anything for platforms/ brokers like IQOption but only universal strategies that can work with real brokers that aren't Cysec and aren't scammers.

Thus I would not advise to post IQOption based strategies but something that works universally.

If you can convert this strategy for a M1 chart on MT4 then it would be better.

Ps: Check in YouTube comments. Somebody mentioned it's fake. Maybe this strategy works sometimes but he's an affiliate. They all scammers editing their videos. He also manipulated his video using a demo account and then putting a blurred "deposit" button over it. They all do this and edit videos & cherry picking results to get more followers and sign up with IQ through them as affiliate.

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