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Earlier this year, Facebook announced the launch of its very own cryptocurrency, and unveiled a surprisingly long list of endorsers who had joined the non-profit Libra Association – the company in charge of operations – among which were PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Spotify, eBay and other global businesses.

Now part of those same advocates, namely Visa and PayPal,, are reconsidering their early, seemingly irrational, decision to back the new crypto coin. The list of reluctant names grows ever higher, as uncertainties pile up. Apparently concerns started arising over “maintaining positive relationships with regulators who have reservations about the project,” and that Facebook and the Libra Association had mislead them into thinking that regulators were fully on board with the project.

Re: Bitcoin News & Discussion

The new 2021 begins with a bang for Bitcoin. As the cryptocurrency flickered ever so closely to the $33k mark the last couple of weeks of 2020, it eventually broke its record by an impressive 14.73% as it reached an astounding price of $34 168 for a single Bitcoin in 2021! The increase came this Sunday morning.

Bitcoin ended one of the most controversial years in recent history with a 305 percent growth. Its price saw 50% increase in just the last two weeks of 2020.

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