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Re: CAD news

The pair reached 1.3065 but did not break out below that level, that may yet happen next week.

Re: CAD news

USD/CAD is consolidating sideways around 1.3000 but I think once that ends it will continue depreciating.

Re: CAD news

It found some support at 1.2965 and we may see a correction but the pair remains bearish for now.

Re: CAD news

USD/CAD continued testing 1.2960 until the market closed yesterday, next week we may eventually see a breakout.

Re: CAD news

USD/CAD remains very bearish and it is still testing the support at 1.2960, if it breaks out below that level the pair will likely continue depreciating toward 1.2900.

Re: CAD news

It's struggling to break out below 1.2960 but it is still possible to happen by the end of the week, I think.

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