Re: CFTC commitment of traders report

You may use this tool to gauge the financial liquidity - more importantly, look at the ANFCI values
─ When liquidity is tightening, take bearish trades. When liquidity is loosening, take bullish trades (USD centric).
─ Risk is a coincident indicator, credit is a lagging indicator, and leverage is a leading indicator of financial stress.


IMHO: Three consecutive weeks of Tighter Financial Conditions may indicate that the Fed or Market expectations of a rate cut are pricing-in since the 25th of May 2019.

Re: CFTC commitment of traders report

The Commitment of Traders Report: Week #24-23 (Speculative and Managed Money)

Financial Conditions ( U.S. Centric ):

─ Tighter @ Week-ending 7th June 2019
─ Tighter @ Week-ending 31st May
─ Tighter @ Week-ending 24th May
─ Steady @ Week-ending 17th May
─ Loosening @ Week-ending 10th May

Current Week #24: 12th June 2019 (GMT +8)


Previous Week #23: 5th June 2019 (GMT +8)

Re: CFTC commitment of traders report

Weekly COT Report: Traders Ditch USD For A Fourth Consecutive Week

  • Traders reduced net-long exposure to USD for a 4th consecutive week, shedding -$1.1 billion of long positions to $19.6k billion (23.3k billion against G10 currencies)
    The Canadian dollar saw the largest weekly change, where net-short exposure was reduced by -23.3k contracts
    Bearish exposure on Japanese yen futures is at its least bearish level since June 2018
    Bearish exposure on Canadian dollar futures is at its least bearish level since December 2018
  • 82.9% of large speculators are bullish on gold, making it the highest long to short ratio since September 2016
    WTI bulls reduced gross long positions for a 9th consecutive week, yet net-long exposure has increased as shorts were covered at a faster pace
    Traders are net-long on Silver for a 3rd consecutive week, and at their most bullish level since early March
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