Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

Julio wrote: Fri May 12, 2017 7:04 am Hi Mr. Tools, You could check the alerts for this indicator. It is continually alerting.kumo ventana MTF nube heatmap 2,3 alerts.png
Hi Julio, tried everything I know of to fix the alerts, think it would be best to forget about alerts on this indicator.

Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

Kijun Sen Candles Two Colors

This Indicator draws different colored Candles above and below a Kijun Sen (KS) line.

The user is required to ensure that the Kijun Sen period on both the present Indicator and the user provided Kijun Sen match each other exactly.

This indicator has been updated to automatically change the the chart to a Line Chart and set the Line Chart to color None before drawing the the Kijun Sen Candles.

Steps 1 to 7 are therefore no longer necessary :

1. Open a New Chart.
2. Change the chart price graphic to Line Chart - Press (Alt + 3) or locate 'Charts' on top menu and select 'Line Chart'. Make sure that 'Bar Chart' or 'Candlesticks' is not accidentally selected.
3. Open the Chart Properties window - press (F8) or right click anywhere on the chart and select 'Properties'.
4. Select the Colors tab.
5. Select 'Line Chart:', now select the '▼' and change color to 'None'. The chart should now have no graphical price displayed and is referred to as the blank chart.
6. A template of the blank chart can be made for further use with other currency pairs or instruments.
7. Attach Indicator Color Candles cross Kijun Sen to the blank chart.

[*] Kijun Sen Indicator :
Predefined Kijun Sen Indicators of periods 21, 34, 50 and 100 are included in a zip file below.
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Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

Hello Masters ,
This is related to Ichimoku Kumo.

I`d like to request a indicator that draw ichimoku(Tenkan,Kijun,Kumo,Chinkou) and the line
from a starting point(Senkou Span_A[-30] value) to a ending point(Senkou Span_A[24] value) of ichimoku Kumo.
That is, Senkou Span_A value from 30 period before the current candle to 24 period after the current candle .

With options for MTF Ichimoku, period for Kumo_Shift, period for starting & ending point of Senkou Span_A,

and alert when the current price touchs the current line(it is for when the period for Kumo_Shift is applied),
alert when the current Chinkou touchs the current line(it is for when Kumo_Shift is not used),

it would be so much better.

Ultimately what i need is the line on MTF Ichimoku.


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