Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

I added the 30 and 31 lines with static and from 93 to 109 (copying previous lines 90 and 91)and adding alerts to them, which i thought is the creating of arrows. So i think the arrows are doubled now, one on top of eachother.

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

binarytrades wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:50 am
Mrtool, Mladen and my other great programmers, i have this indicator i tried to compile it but its complaining some errors, please i need it fixed and non repainting, thanks in anticipation
I think you may visit/read "rsi" thread - rather than posting decompiled scrape
there are hundreds of far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better stuff
and a little more,invest some time to know and learn things at first
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

I guess that is correct. Alert when line crosses 0 level. I did not understood when arrows appear, since looking closely, some arroes do not appear at 0 crossing, but i think that is because of repainting.
I don't understand which part of the code does the repainting.

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

Hi forum!

First i want to thank mrTools for this super indicator, the Trend Envelope MTF. I've been backtesting it on M5 chart with Envelope on H4. On 8:35 gave an alert that Envelope trend changed Down and then trend reverted back to UP and the Envelope did not give alert of trend changing back to up.

Do you think you can change the indicator so that it gives alert if trend continues? So the envelope changed to red for about an hour and then somewhere at 10 AM changed back to Green, but with no alert. I set to alert on current bar for early entries.

Same thing happened at 09.01.2018 at 5:15, later trend changed to down.

I love your work!
Screenshot (1059).png
Screenshot (1060).png

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