Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

In this version I have gone with a Trend background which I believe is better.
I have added my BUY,SELL,CLOSE script as an expert which means that I am unable to run any MTF indy as it clashes on MT4 so the Dash has gone in this version. Seeing as how I am only trading the one instrument (US30) then the dash is not required. You can change the LOTSIZE = FUND/1'500 to 3'000, 6'000 or 10'000 or whatever amount to suit your trading requirement and it will auto increase/decrease the LOTSIZE accordingly depending on your winners/losers trading outcome. Again, I use it for US30 so you may have to change the settings say for Gold etc. I have also reduced the size of the semafors so that it all works OK on 1080 resolution say if you were using a surface pro tablet or the like. I will probably post this version in a week or two.
Screenshot from 2021-07-21 12-59-51.png
XARD's Almanac: The Orange ZigZag line is your Intra-Day Bias. Trade off the 2nd dots and Book the Pip$. For optimum EXIT wait until the White ZigZag line has drawn itself on all three TFs (5m, 15m, & 1hr). Use the White Dots on 5mTF as Mini Staging Areas in Direction of the Trend

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